Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gemstone Allure for the Festive Season

Lately, the outstanding jewelry designer, Laurie Kaiser revealed her intense infatuation towards colored gemstones in one of her interviews. She says that Nature has been the real guiding force for all her immaculate jewelry designs. The vivid hues of the rainbow and the floral shapes found in the natural world inspire her to create unique and stylish jewels. Opal, Aquamarine, pink and blue tourmaline are some of her favorite pickups for her latest gemstone collection.

Undoubtedly, these gems throw an elegant light when accentuated with diamonds. I believe that the vivacity, which theses colors pour on the wearer and the onlookers, is just the right to celebrate any occasion. Large and huge stones, surrounded by dispositions of gold, bring out the real femininity of a girl and a woman. Every woman has a special inclination towards pure and glowing colors of the nature, especially in her clothes and jewelry.

Likewise, festivals are all about pomp and show, and jewelry ensembles are the best means to flaunt your charm and merriment. Whether it is fancy Halloween attire or an elegant Thanksgiving costume, colorful stones add a flare in the whole appearance of a lady. Contrasting combinations are also a fantastic concept to become the cynosure of parties among family and friends. Like if you have planned to wear a hot red dress for the forthcoming Christmas, you can adorn yourself with royal blue sapphire or rich green emerald jewelry. This could possibly be a dramatic contrast of blazing colors. Similarly, for a full-blown snow white emergence, jet black diamond ensembles can be an erotic combination.

So rejoice this winter season with the radiant and rich shades of precious and semi-precious stunners.

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