Friday, September 5, 2014

Can an Eternity Ring be Bigger in Size?

While usually eternity rings are seen as the unbroken assemblage of round dainty diamonds and gemstones, there is no thumb rule to it. Being different from your friends and colleagues is what we call fashion. Thus, there is no set standard size which an eternity band displays.

Somehow, it depends upon what significance the ring holds in the wearer’s life. Whether it is a wedding band, an anniversary gift given by your husband or a special-occasion gift from your close relative; accordingly the size of the ring matters. If you are opting for a wedding eternity band, the size has to be decent enough to suit your ring finger and complement your engagement ring. 

sapphire eternity rings

However, the young brides of today are in search of exceptional and uniquely styled and shaped stones in their rings, which actually look intriguing when cut in little larger sizes. Unlike the customary round shape of stones, square, princess and oval contours are quite popular, especially when they are colorful sparklers like rose-gold, ruby or sapphire eternity rings. The wearer wants to flaunt the brightness of colored stones in atypical shapes and sizes. Also, different settings like baguette-set features relatively bigger stones. Remember not to go outwardly big that your finger appears clumsy and oafish.

Alternatively, if an eternity band is received as a wedding anniversary gift or any other giveaway; you generally wear it in your right-hand finger. Thus, to make it appear flashy and striking, you can choose for a width that is twice the size of a wedding band. In this case, big-sized eternity rings are the right choice to superbly boast the adoration of the giver.

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