Monday, June 23, 2014

Why to Buy Aquamarine Jewelry?

If you enjoy the rich, crystalline blue hues of Atlantic, then you will definitely love beautiful aquamarines, the traditional birthstone for March. In fact, this soothing gem that represents the waters of oceans is a function of its name. Aquamarine derived its name from Latin, meaning ‘water of the sea’.
This serene stone has a charming history that pre-dates even the great Roman Empire. It was much desired by ancient people for its special qualities of improving courage and increasing wisdom. The oceanic blue gemstone was treasured by sailors as they believed the stone has powers to protect them during the voyage.
Many people also felt that the gem would help strengthen the relationship of a married couple; therefore this valued stone from High Priest Aaron’s Breast Plate even today considered as a great choice for an anniversary present.
priest aaron breastplate aquamarine stone
If you are also enchanted by the calming hues of aquamarine, why don’t you add this gem to your jewelry collection today? If you think finding a perfect piece of aquamarine jewelry is difficult, think again. This beryl stone is easily available. But it would be better to look for an authentic jewelry store before investing your money.
Also, when you are shopping for the gem of waters, remember to choose the higher quality stones with better clarity and intense color. Aquamarines in deep tones look really beautiful. But if you are planning to wear the jewelry regularly, it’s better to go for lighter tones as they easily match with every outfit. The light tone creates an optimal effect and lets you enjoy the jewelry at any time.
Whether you shop online or from a local store, don’t forget to ask for an authenticity certificate as this will be your written proof for the quality. As a lot of imitation jewelry is available in the market, asking for a certificate is also important to make sure you get the genuine gemstones.

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