Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Christmas Jewelry Gifts

We are just a few months ahead of Christmas and many of us must have already started shopping for the festival. Besides shopping for us, we need to shop for our near and dear ones as well; as exchanging the gifts is an important tradition on Christmas.

christmas gift

Amongst the large number of available gift options in the market, the dazzling pieces of the jewelry remain on the top. They are loved by all and last for long and always remind the wearer of the unconditional love of the sender of the gift. Additionally, each gem has its own specialty and convey special message. Let’s check out which gem has what special characteristics.

Emerald: The green colored gem is known to bring luck and prosperity to the wearer. It is also said to help him gain the financial benefits and get rid of property. It is also believed to help the artistic people like writers, actors, painters, etc to enhance their skills. In some cultures, it is believed that wearing emerald jewelry can help in curing eye ailments.

gemstone jewelry

Ruby: This fiery red colored gem is said to shower the love on the wearer and give him strength to fight the bad phases of the life. It is said that if two lovers exchange the ruby rings, it will help maintain the beautiful relationship.

Sapphire: Since long, the blue colored sapphires have been the heart throb of the jewellers and the people. They love the vibrant blue color and people believe that wearing sapphire jewelry can help in proper functioning of the nervous system of the body.

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