Monday, May 5, 2014

Jewelry Wardrobe

There is no woman in this world who would not like to add another piece of jewel to her wardrobe. But, many times we witness that at the rush of the moment we pick up some pieces of jewelry which we find useless later on.

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So, if we shop them thoughtfully, then surely we can enjoy them lifetime and also storing them nicely will help them retain their beauty for good. Let us check out some points which will help us do so:

1) If you like to wear colored gemstone jewelry, then take care to have maximum number of colors. This will help you give a new look in every season. For example, wearing aquamarine jewelry in spring or summer season will be a good choice.

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2) Try and collect jewelry in various metals as yellow gold, silver, platinum, rose gold etc. This will help you mix and match the jewelry and design a new collection of jewelry each time. For example, many women mix metals and gemstones in rings and stack them. This never fails to adorn them in the desired fashion.

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3) Storing them also plays an important role. You should never store all kinds of metal in same place. Pack them separately in cotton cloth. This will help them keep away from scratches.

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4) Store away from direct sunlight as some gemstones may lose the shine and color if exposed to direct sunlight for long time.

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