Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Men are often forgettable. They forget their wallets, car keys, meeting minutes and even special dates and occasion. Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days ahead and if for any reason you have forget to get her a gift, don’t disappoint as you still have time to plan a memorable moment for her. 
Last Minute Gift Idea for This Valentine’s Day

Let’s quickly look how you can plan the day:

Buy a gift card
There is a heavy traffic on the road and the shops have queues at cash counters. Even the online stores can’t deliver a gift before Valentine. How to buy a gift for her? Simple – purchase a gift card. If she likes jewelry, go online and choose from the various card options available at her favorite jewelry store. If she is more interested in clothing or other accessories, look for an online marketplace that can give a combo of multiple options. 

Purchase a Gift Card For This  Valentine’s Day

Gift card would allow her to buy the gift of her choice. It is difficult for men to understand if their partner loves a diamond ring or a ruby pendant. If you want to stay away from ‘choose the best one’ game as well as want the true value of your investment, then it is better to let her shop for her gift. 

Plan for a movie
Hollywood movies are always a life saver. Book the tickets for a new release or get the DVDs of few classic romantic films. Don’t forget popcorns and drinks, if you are watching the movie at your home theater. 

watch film options for this Valentine’s Day

Some must-watch film options for this Valentine’s Day are – Endless Love, Labor Day, That Awkward Moment, The Pretty One, About Last Night and The Wolf of the Wall Street. 

A Spa treat and Candle Light Dinner
This is a superb combination for any instant celebration planning. Book an appointment for a relaxing spa for her. While she is away for the spa, cook her favorite food and convert your terrace into a rooftop restaurant. Some aroma candles, fresh flowers from your garden and soft romantic music would further heat up the environment. She will love you for everything you have done to make it special for her. 

Candle Light Dinner for this valentine's day

As the time is running, you have to act a little faster. Depending on what way you choose, you have to list the options and requirements.

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