Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Build Your Own Peridot Jewelry

Create a stunning array of jewelry with the pretty green peridots.

Anything eye catching is good especially in jewelry and what can be more attractive than some vivid colored gemstones set to your liking in a style that looks awesome. The fresh green color of peridots look great and now you can make some wonderful pieces with this charming gemstone just the way you like. So welcome to a whole new discovery that is fun filled and rewarding.

Peridot jewelry

Decide whether you want to make a single piece or a complete set with peridots which includes ring, earrings and neckpiece. Next have a design in mind for each. Also ask yourself the look you want whether simple or ornate. Armed with this insight you will know exactly what stones to buy.

When you select your stones pay attention to color, clarity, cut and carat and understand how they affect the look of peridots. You can pick your stones in various shapes and sizes and as many as you want for these are affordable stones.

Pear Peridot Solitaire Pendant

After you are done with the stones it’s time to pick the perfect settings. Choose your settings well for they determine the final look of your jewelry. Pick them in a metal you love but also see that they go well with your stones. You can opt for white gold, yellow gold or silver.

Oval Peridot and Diamond Border Pendant

Finally it is time to consult a jeweler who will put your stones and settings together and complete your pieces after which you’ll know what awesome jewelry you have created with the vibrant peridots.

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